An assortment of marbles with lots of different colors, one larger marble. Illustration for post.Business leaders want competitive advantages; they want to be productive, reduce turnover, save money, maintain good morale, and develop strong consumer appeal. Yet, what they often overlook is one of the most effective business practices available; hiring people with cognitive disabilities.

While many businesses are becoming more aware of the value of hiring people with disabilities they still shy away from those who disclose their status as having cognitive disabilities. 

Three apples two read one black and white.1.The World Health Organization has indicated that in the next few years, neurological disorders, most of which are invisible, will affect one billion people worldwide.

2. The National Institute of Mental Health states that nearly half of all adults are likely to experience a mental health issue over their lifetime.

3. US Census reports have identified that at least 1 in 5 individuals has a disability, and approximately 75% of these disabilities are invisible.