VERA LogoVideo Education, Reminders, and Answers

Many employees learn best through the privacy and ease of use that comes with video.  Short or moderate length videos are powerful tools that provide corporate education, and enable individuals with invisible disabilities to find solutions to typical challenges.  Video is a quick and easy way to remind employees of routines that promote success.

Our VERA programs are designed to meet your specific needs, and can be made available on your company’s internal website, or through links to the Cognitive Compass website – the videos can be branded to match the “look” and culture of your firm.

We will create videos that;

  1. Address specific issues that are experienced by individuals with invisible disabilities.
  2. Provide short programs that help individuals with invisible disabilities independently resolve challenges.
  3. Act as periodic reminders of how to organize, prioritize, and focus.
  4. Educate all staff on what invisible disability is, and what invisible disability is not.