Phoenix LogoThe Phoenix Program is designed to help organization leadership develop the necessary skills to address the growing number of employees with invisible disabilities such as TBI and PTSD/I.  The skills learned in the Phoenix program will enable managers to maintain productivity, and develop employees with hidden disabilities more successfully.

With this educational program, managers will learn specific skills and techniques to address common problems, find effective solutions, and maximize employees strengths.  Knowledge gained from this program will also allow organizations to reduce stigma, build stronger teams, and recognize the neurodiversity of the organization as a business advantage.

The Phoenix program consists of three separate sessions;

  1. Management Skills training –  The master class in management skills, arms line managers with the techniques and knowledge to help them support employees with invisible disabilities in a compliant and productive manner.
  2. Team building training – Teams that understand the power of neruodiversity can be more effective, innovative, and results oriented.  Key goals are:  removing stigma and learning how to communicate and recognizing each other’s strengths.
  3. Human Resources training program –  Now more that ever, Human Resources departments need to understand the issues surrounding invisible difficulties.  With new Department of Labor rulings expected,  Human Resources must provide better tracking and create a truly inclusive workforce.  Human Resources departments can be key factors in organizational success by understanding these factors.