We at Cognitive Compass believe in the value and potential of neurodiversity. It is our commitment to advocate for the successful inclusion of neurodiverse people into the workplace. Our approach incorporates the concepts of self-determination, and equal legitimacy, as is already applied to other disabilities, in order to support employment and community re-integration. It is our strongest belief that neurodiverse individuals bring skills, productivity, and innovation to the workforce that are a benefit to all.

Our company provides services that support the employment of people with invisible disabilities, including people with neurodivergent thinking styles.

Phoenix LogoThe Phoenix program is designed to help organizational leadership develop the necessary skills to address the growing number of employees with invisible disabilities such as TBI and PTSD/I. The skills learned in the Phoenix program will enable managers to maintain productivity and develop employees with hidden disabilities more successfully. Knowledge gained from these sessions will allow organizations to reduce stigma, build stronger teams and recognize the neurodiversity of the environment as a business advantage.

The Phoenix program has four components to insure that your organization’s disability inclusion efforts are effective in addressing invisible disabilities. Our training sessions focus on the particular needs and perspectives of the following key constituents:

  • Executive Decision Makers
  • Line Mangers
  • Staff
  • Human Resources

Affinity Cafe logoThe Affinity Café is an on-line, supported and moderated employee resource group (ERG). According to Diversity Journal disability ERGs can serve as strategic partners that contribute to the organization’s success and bottom line. Cognitive Compass will help your organization create an ERG for individuals with invisible disabilities and will, if requested, provide monitoring and data capture. If your organization does not have a large enough number of employees within we can offer an intra-organizational ERG that will allow employees to maintain anonymity.

VERA LogoVERA (Video Education, Reminders, and Answers) is our custom developed video program. Based on the principals of Social Learning Theory we use short video segments as a powerful tool to assist organizations in supporting diverse environments. We can create topic-specific videos, which can be used to educate, problem solve, and remind individuals of best practices.

Parity LogoParity – New technologies, software, and products are made available every day to assist with the challenges of disability. Our organization will help identify tools and techniques that can best enable your employees to perform at maximum productivity.

Aria LogoAria – Our speakers forum provides educational and motivational talks for your organization or group. Our select group of experienced speakers has subject matter expertise in in a range of disability and organizational topics. Let us help inspire teams and provide leadership insights.