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  1. How to use this website
  2. Who we are
  3. Services we offer

1. How to use this website

  • How do I use your site menus?

    You can get to most of the stuff on this site by using the menus at the top of the page, or by using the links on the sides of many of the pages. If you do not see what you are looking for in those two places, try the Sitemap which is usually found at the bottom of the page. The Sitemap is a list of pages that you might find helpful if you are looking for a specific resource that you do not see listed in a menu.

    There are also supplemental links on the bottom of the page, such as our Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Service.

    Wherever you are on this site you can get back to the home page by clicking the company logo (usually found at the top of the page):

    A picture of the company logo (in white)

    The company logo (in white)

  • What site features do you have?

    Feature: Glossary

    It is our belief that modified perspectives must be accompanied by modified definitions, and to make sure that we are all on the same page whenever we discuss a concept, there is a Glossary of the terms that are used on this site. Most of the terms in the Glossary have definitions that are slightly different from the “accepted” definitions.

    Feature: Search

    The Search feature allows you to find posts, articles, or web pages that are on this site. You can enter a any word(s) that are in the title or body of a post, article, or web page and the search feature will list the entries that it finds in our databases.

    Feature: Mobile

    Yes. You can use the social media icons at the top of the web page to participate in the community’s conversation.

    Feature: Social Media

    This web site is designed to run on desktop browsers as well as on smart phone browsers.

    Feature: Pop-up Glossary

    Certain words or phrases used on this website’s pages are highlighted (for example: (TBI)). If you click on these words or phrases a pop-up box appears with either their definition or more information about them.

  • How do I contact you?

    Please use the Contact form to send us your thoughts.


2. Who we are

  • Are you guys a 501(c)(3)?

    No. Cognitive Compass is a for-profit LLC, a Limited Liability Company.

  • What is it that you guys do?

    Cognitive Compass strives to educate corporate management about the profitable and equitable ways of hiring and managing people with cognitive disabilities. It is not uncommon for employers to overlook the significant portion of their current workforce who may be dealing with some form of cognitive disability, including Baby Boomers who may be dealing with cognitive decline, returning veterans suffering from PTSD, young adults dealing with ADHD, or anyone who may have suffered a traumatic brain injury.


3. Services we offer

  • What is Phoenix?

    Phoenix LogoThe Phoenix Program is designed to help organization leadership develop the necessary skills to address the growing number of employees with invisible disabilities such as TBI and PTSD. The skills learned in the Phoenix program will enable managers to maintain productivity, and develop employees with hidden disabilities more successfully.

  • What is Affinity Café?

    Affinity Cafe logoResearch has shown that employee resource groups (ERG) are one of the most effective tools when it comes to improving employee engagement, and ensuring positive employment outcomes. A strong ERG provides constructive feedback, and positive reinforcement, strengthening the organization while giving a voice to individuals with disabilities.

  • What is VERA?

    VERA LogoVERA stands for “Video Education, Reminders, and Answers”.

    Many employees learn best through the privacy and ease of use that comes with video. Short or moderate length videos are powerful tools that provide corporate education, and enable individuals with invisible disabilities to find solutions to typical challenges. Video is a quick and easy way to remind employees of routines that promote success.

  • What is Parity?

    Parity LogoIn any successful inclusion program a key element is the tools and techniques used to create and support a highly effective workforce. Because of the unique nature of an individual’s disabilities there is often no single product that suits all of a person’s needs. We work with your managers and Human Resource departments to help them identify the best set of tools and techniques to accommodate the wide range of invisible disabilities.

  • What is Aria?

    Aria LogoOur speakers’ forum provides educational and motivational talks for your organization or group. Our select group of highly experienced speakers has subject matter expertise in a wide range of disability and organizational topics.

    Let us help inspire your teams and provide leadership insights.